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How to Collab with YouTubers and Video Creators

You’ve heard that collaborations can help with your growth on YouTube. I’ll share how to collab with YouTubers and video creators in the video below. When I was starting out, I was like, who’s going to do a collaboration with me. I was able to break through that mindset and was able to meet a lot of amazing people through collaborations.


Backdrops For YouTube Videos and Where to Get Them

Here’s something fun to talk about! It’s backdrops for YouTube videos! There are so many options for using different backdrops for YouTube videos! I’m sharing the places and kinds of backdrops for videos that make your videos stand out!

When I was starting out, my background was my bedroom for a long time. I was constantly filming and realized that I had to move my location. I went over to our kitchen and dining room area and set up the wall with wall decor and shelves.


July Ruby Birthstone Makeup Tutorial Video

My friend Kris, Kris Marie Artistry, and I have been doing monthly birthstone-inspired makeup tutorials. These tutorials are a lot of fun! This month we give you a July Ruby Birthstone makeup tutorial.

This July birthstone, Ruby, is such a beautiful color. The red is stunning!! Here’s a breakdown of what I did to create this look. Watch the video and see my technique and the process.


Aquamarine Eyes March Birthstone Makeup Video

The Aquamarine eyes makeup look is inspired by the March birthstone Aquamarine. Happy Birthday to my March friends! This aquamarine birthstone has to be one of my favorite gems. You would think that this kind of color would look best with blue eyes but I think it works really well with brown eyes and silver hair. You can wear this color as intense or subtle you wish. Hope you enjoy this video tutorial!

Michelle Phan – Tips For Beauty Content Creators

I’m sharing notes taken from Michelle Phan’s intimate mentoring session on Periscope and hope these tips can help with your beauty channel and for beauty content creators. My mind was totally blown away being on a mentorship call with Michelle Phan! I am still amazed.

Michelle Phan - Tips For Beauty Content Creators

Just in case, if you don’t know Michelle Phan, you can read more on her about page.

Back in July 2015, I heard that there was a platform for beauty content creators that Michelle Phan was opening up called At the time, I only had a couple hundred subscribers but thought what the heck, I’ll apply. I assumed that it was for beauty content creators that had tons of subscribers or followers. I figured if they don’t accept me at least I tried.

I’m really glad that I took action regardless of my assumption. Later, I found out that it wasn’t about numbers of subscribers to your channel but how much engagement you have in your YouTube and Instagram. Three weeks later, I find myself on a group mentoring call with Michelle Phan! Say what?! Yes, I was accepted!