I’m reviewing the Smashbox Shapematters palette, which is an all in one kit. All in one meaning brow, face and eye.

At first glance, the palette sticks to the sleek branding of Smashbox. The matte box with the shiny embossed text makes this palette look sexy. The bottom of the palette has the description of the powders. The weight of this Smashbox Shapematters palette is a bit heavy. Holding up this palette while I was shooting the review felt like I was doing a shoulder workout.

Smashbox Shapematters Palette Review

Since it being all in one, I feel that it’s a great travel palette. The Smashbox Shapematters palette also has a full sized mirror, which is very useful incase you don’t have a mirror with you. Another thing I like about the palette is the sturdiness of the lid where the mirror is attached.

Brow – there is a brow gel and two shades of brow powder, one dark blond and one medium to dark color. If you have missing brow tail like I do, you can apply the gel first to make the brow powder stay on better. If you are filling the sparse parts of your brow you can apply the powder first then brush on the gel on top to give your brow a natural look,

Face – The colors of the powders for the face are finely milled which is great for blending. Just make use you’re not heavy handed with the brush. Since it’s fine, it can get all over the place. The powders are contour, bronze, highlight and glow. The contour is a perfect matte color that is flattering for light or medium skin tones. The highlight is perfect for highlighting under eyes and T zone. If you have fair skin you can use this as an all over powder.

I really wasn’t fond of the Glow powder. If is not as illuminating as my other glow powders. I prefer using other highlighter, like Becca or Ofra Illuminating blush before reaching for the Smashbox Shapematters glow powder.

EyeShadows – These eye shadows are good quality and highly pigments. They blend very well because of how finely milled they are but make sure to tap your brush before applying because they tend to have a bit of fall off.

Smashbox Shapematters Palette Video Review

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