My friend Kris, Kris Marie Artistry, and I have been doing monthly birthstone-inspired makeup tutorials. These tutorials are a lot of fun! This month we give you a July Ruby Birthstone makeup tutorial.

This July birthstone, Ruby, is such a beautiful color. The red is stunning!! Here’s a breakdown of what I did to create this look. Watch the video and see my technique and the process.

July Ruby Birthstone

July Ruby Birthstone Inspired Makeup Tutorial Video and breakdown

If you have redness on your skin, start by color correcting with a green concealer. Use color correcting colors sparingly and try to sheer out the color as much as you can. Make sure the color doesn’t show through your foundation. You can do this with your concealer brush or a damp beauty blender.  It’s best to use all you color correcting before you apply your foundation. Got it! Awesome! 

When you’re color correcting, use a foundation that’s full coverage, so you don’t have to reapply too much foundation. I’m using the Milani conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation that is a bit thick for me. If this foundation is too thick for your skin, you can add your favorite moisturizer or couple of drops of argon oil to thin out the foundation.

Now that you’re done with your foundation contour your cheeks, nose, and forehead to add dimension to your face. I used a contouring stick, but if you have oily skin, you can use contour powder to prevent your skin from looking oily. Blend everything out to get rid of harsh lines. Tadah! 

So you’re finished with your foundation and contour and your July ruby birthstone look is coming together.

You can also watch the July Ruby Birthstone Video

Next, is to groom your brows by filling in any sparse areas before doing this type of eye look. With your brows already groomed, it makes you eye-look feel polished.

For this eye look, you need red eyeliner. I didn’t have a red liner, so I used a liquid lipstick instead. I put a little bit of the lipstick on the back of my hand and applied it with a thin liner brush.  I don’t usually use lipstick for around the eyes and don’t recommend it if you’re not sure how your eyes are going to react to it. 

If you are unsure test a small area to be sure it’s ok to use on your eyes. Brands like NYX, Ingot and Make Up For Ever all have red liners available. OK, this July birthstone-inspired look is coming together!

Once you create a thick winged liner with the red, you need a black liner to create the second liner close to your lash line and flick it up below the red liner. You can use Gel liner, liquid eyeliner or pencil, whichever is most comfortable for you to use.

Apply your mascara and then your false lashes to amp up this look. If false lashes are not your thing, use a mascara that would give you great length and volume. Superhero by It Cosmetics or Maybelline Lash Sensational works well!

You can pair this eyeliner look with a nude lip or red lips. The choice is yours!

If you were born in July, Happy Birthday!! I hope that you have a fantastic birthday month!!