I was brainstorming on this topic of how to get more views on YouTube videos. Here are a few things I’ve learned and what’s been working for me. I hope you can take some of these pointers and put in place to help build your viewership and get more subs to your channel.

Here are some fundamentals on how to get more views on YouTube. I want to make sure you have these set and in place.

 How to get more views on YouTube

First, is to grab people’s attention with your thumbnails. Make it an attractive thumbnail to pique their curiosity about your video. I use Adobe Photoshop to make my custom thumbnails. The size of my thumbnails for YouTube are 1920×1080.

I do it this size so I can repurpose the graphics for other platforms. There are several graphic programs like Adobe Spark, Canva and Pic Monkey that you can use if you don’t have Photoshop. 

Second is your YouTube video’s title. There are two ways you can come up with a title; one would be a title you know your target audience wants to know about. The second way is typing a phrase in the search box that your audience would type in. The search suggestion on YouTube will auto-populate phrases. Use the first phrase that comes up as your title because it has higher search volume. 

how to get more views on your youtube videos

Third would be the description of your YouTube videos. I’ve seen a lot of videos with no descriptions or just a list of products used. I do suggest writing a few paragraphs that include your YouTube title and keywords within your sentences. 

Let’s start on How To Get More Views On YouTube Videos.


You’re already on YouTube, let’s take advantage of the share button.

Go to the Share button under your video and sign up for Digg, StumbleUpon and Google Plus. These are the three social platforms that I use to help promote my videos. There are other options on there that you can share, but those three are the ones I use. Test to see what works for you. It’s a click of a button and doesn’t take any time.

share your youtube video

There are share buttons like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter but it’s best if you upload directly to their platforms. 


If you don’t have a Pinterest account, I do suggest opening a Pinterest account to pin your videos. It’s perfect for visibility for your YouTube videos!

I use to pin my videos straight from YouTube’s sharing button, but I found that creating a vertical graphic for my pins gets more attention and better views for my videos.

Here are a few things you can do:

Take the graphic that you created from your YT thumbnail and repurpose it to make a vertical graphic for your pin.  Use the same title treatment and look from your YouTube thumbnail, so it stays consistent. Don’t redesign something new.

Use keywords in your description of your pin. People use Pinterest as a visual search engine too! Like you would use YouTube or Google.

Joining Pinterest group boards to share your pins is another way to get views to your YouTube videos. Group boards are when multiple people pin to the same board. What’s cool about this is that other people’s followers see your pins!

You can use Boardbooster to Tailwind to help schedule your pins.


Instagram videos have been getting a lot of views. What better way to have your Instagram video direct viewers to your YouTube video. 

Create a mini-movie or teaser video from your main YouTube video. Edit the best parts of your YouTube video and condense it to 15-60 seconds. 

At the end of your video, I suggest making a graphic about 2-3 seconds that says, “Go to my YouTube channel (with your YouTube name) or Click the link in my bio to watch more videos.”

Use the bio area on your Instagram profile to put your shortened YouTube link. I like using bit.ly to shorten the link of my YouTube videos. Tracking the click of links is a great feature that bit.ly offers. 

Side note: Please be careful with the music you use. If it’s copyrighted music, it will be flagged.

Creating High Quality Videos Checklist


Since we’re all about repurposing, take the graphic from your YouTube thumbnail and resize it to Facebook’s image size. If you like your videos as 16:9 aspect ratio make your thumbnail 1280 x 720 pixels. If you like your videos at 1080 x 1080, create your Facebook thumbnails that size as well. 

You can repurpose the same video you created for Instagram to post on Facebook. If not, create a mini-movie or teaser video for Facebook taking the best parts of your video or a cut down of your tutorial. Make the video roughly 15-60 seconds long. 

At the end of the video, put a call to action about 2 seconds long. The call to action would be something like, “Go to my YouTube Channel or Watch more videos on YouTube.” I change the graphic at the end for Facebook. It’s not the same as the Instagram end graphic.

If you do have a Facebook business page, I do suggest posting it on your business/fan page first and then sharing it on your Facebook’s personal profile and Facebook groups.

The reason why I make a smaller teaser video rather than posting the YouTube link is that Facebook gives priority and organic views to native videos on Facebook. 

I do post the shortened YouTube link on the description. I use bit.ly to shorten my YouTube link. I’m able to track how many people click on the link using bit.ly.


You can tweet multiple times to promote your YouTube videos on Twitter.

Repurpose your teaser video you used for Instagram or Facebook. Compose a tweet from it. In the tweet,  write a description of what the video is about. Use your shortened bit.ly link that directs to the video and relevant hashtags so that you can get more reach.

Another tweet you can make is of your thumbnail’s video. Compose a tweet and add your thumbnail graphic. You can add up to 10 tags of the companies or people that are in your video. Look for a place under your image that says, “Who’s in this photo.” Write your tweet, use the shortened link to your YouTube video and relevant hashtags.

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Here are the most important points to take away:

1. Use the share buttons on YouTube. For example Digg, StumbleUpon, and Google+
2. Make a vertical graphic for Pinterest that direct them to your YouTube video.
3. Create an Instagram video with a call to action at the end. Put the shortened link of your YouTube video on your profile.
4. Create a Facebook mini-movie/teaser video with a call to action to your YouTube video.
5. Tweet multiple times. Tweet your thumbnail of your YouTube video that directs people to your video. Also, tweet your 30-60 second teaser video that leads them to your YouTube video.

The most important part is promoting your videos. Exposure to your content is everything!

I know this can be overwhelming in the beginning but choose ONE social platform from this post to help with promoting your videos. Once you get a handle on one platform, you can add more to your plate.

What are other ways YOU get more views on YouTube videos? Comment below. I’d love to read them. Have an amazing day!