You’ve heard that collaborations can help with your growth on YouTube. I’ll share how to collab with YouTubers and video creators in the video below. When I was starting out, I was like, who’s going to do a collaboration with me. I was able to break through that mindset and was able to meet a lot of amazing people through collaborations.

how to collab with youtubers and video creators

I do have a few pointers on How To Collab With YouTubers and video creators.

I heard this suggestion that I found interesting. “The rule of thumb for collaborating with a person is adding or subtracting a zero at the end of the number of subscribers you have.”

EX. If you have 1,000 subscribers, dropping the zero at the end would be 100 subs and adding a zero would be a person with 10,000 subs. So you would be reaching out to people between the numbers of 100 – 10,000 subscribers. Sounds like a good rule of thumb to me if you’re unsure of who to do a collaboration with.

There are a few steps that you want to build on before asking a person to do a collaboration.

Quality and Content

Your quality and content play a big part when asking someone to collaborate with you. Make sure that the quality of your videos is up to par with your potential collaborator.

Build a Relationship

Find out where the person you want to collab with is hanging out on social media and build a friendship with them. Comment on their social media posts. Not just giving them a “like” on what they say or videos they upload. Write sincere comments to that person’s social media platforms.

I go more in-depth on tips on how to collab with YouTubers and video creators in this video!

So now you’ve got their attention, you’re commenting on each other’s social media platforms. Woohoo!

Crafting your Email

Now it’s time to craft an email. What I would start out with is by giving a compliment. Ask if the YouTuber would be open to doing a collaboration on YouTube and Instagram. Give them 2-3 topics or ideas that will benefit both of your audiences.

*Keep in mind what value you have to offer with your potential collaboration? Maybe you have production resources, special skills, unique access or your audience.

Here’s a sample email.

Hi [name of person]

I love your YouTube videos and Instagram feed. The latest video you did on [what you had watched and was inspired by].

I wanted to ask if you’d be open to doing a collaboration on YouTube/Instagram?
I do have an idea, and it’s, [Give 2-3 ideas for a collaboration].
Either way, let me know if the idea sounds good or not.

Hope to hear from you soon!

How To Collaborate With YouTubers

What day and time work for the collaboration to go live?
How are you going to title your videos?
How do you want to introduce each other on your videos?

Through this process have fun and keep in touch with each other throughout the steps of your collaboration.

Go for No

My final tip which I should have made the first is to GO for NO. I learned this concept a few years ago. It’s by changing the way you feel about hearing the word NO. Going for the NO helps with pushing through your comfort zone.

You will be getting more no’s or not getting a response back. No just means not right now. When you do get the Yes for collaboration, it FEELS SO GOOD!

What are your tips on collaborating? What worked for you and what didn’t?

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