Let the DIY Ombre Hair Begin! I dye my own roots and always stay close to my natural dark brown color. Last time I tried lightening my hair I ran to my hair stylist with my tail between my legs :) so I don’t attempt to highlight my hair anymore until I saw the Loreal Ombré colors kit on TV and I was really curious to see how it would look. Of course it was not a very wise decision to change my hair 3 days before a big conference either but what can I say, when I put my mind to do something it’s hard to change my mind and the DIY ombre hair begins. 

I must have read the instructions 5 time and said a prayer or two before finally mixing the ingredients and getting the courage to put on the first stroke of bleach, but the brush applicator in the kit made it very easy to apply (I don’t have photos of me applying because I was just too nervous to wait between each hair section to take photos).

DIY Ombre Hair After applying the bleach to all the sections I left it on for 25 minutes because my hair was previously highlighted by my stylist I didn’t leave the bleach on longer in the fear that it would go too blond. I was going for a medium/dark blond to dark brown look with a gradual ombré effect.


The final results turned out brassier then I expected, maybe I needed to leave the bleach on my hair for the full 45 minutes (that’s the maximum time you can leave it on). I didn’t like the brassy orange look so I ended up applying a Semi-color medium blond to tone thing down a bit. I’m actually really happy with the final results! It gives my curls more dimension and now I feel like I’m summer ready with my hair.
The ends of my hair looks very dry perhaps because it was highlighted before. I apply a heavy conditioning treatment and apply coconut oil at the ends. Over all the application was easy but a word of caution, if you don’t have healthy hair or you have previously bleached it think twice before trying this.

Have you tried Loreal Ombré kit? Do you have a favorite conditioner or hair treatment? Leave a comment and share your experience.