I used to only put on base foundation, powder and some blush which looked okay. However, my face would look flat in photographs and always thought I needed to add more blush to give some color to my complexion. Face contouring is a great way to give dimension to the face and the illusion of symmetry but I’ve always been too afraid to try it, when I finally did, I found that it’s not as difficult as I once thought.  Like anything, practice makes perfect!

Before you look at the chart I created below for face contouring, figure out your own face shape by using these simple methods. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror looking straight forward. Trace your reflection with a grease pencil or some thing you can wipe off later. You can also take a picture of yourself and then trace over it as well but make sure your camera is directly parallel to your face to avoid distortion of your face.

Matte powder bronzers and cream contours both work great to get the look you desire. Powder bronzers are great for a more subtle look while cream contours can be as dramatic as you please. The color you choose should be at least two shades darker then your skin color depending on the look you’re going for. Remember to build up color slowly and blend, blend, blend…

Face Contouring Chart:

contouring for face shapes

Heart Shaped face is wide on the forehead and narrow on the chin which can be balanced by contouring the sides of the forehead and side of the cheeks. You can also highlight the chin area to make it look broader.

Oblong Shaped face is longer in proportion and needs contouring on top of the forehead, near the hear line and below the chin to bring focus to the cheek bones and shorten the face. In addition to the contouring, highlighting the cheekbones and bridge of the nose will bring attention to the center of the face as well.

Oval Shaped face is considered to be an ideal face shape that doesn’t require much contouring. If you have an oval face you can contour below the cheek bones for a slight definition. Oval face needs to be high lighted to bring attention to the center of the eyes. Highlighting blow the eyes, on forehead and chin area are ideal for and oval face.

Round Shaped face is wider on the sides, contouring along side of the face, the temple area, cheeks and jaw line gives the illusion of longer face bringing more attention to center of the face.

Square Shaped face has a wider forehead and jaw line. To slenderize these areas contour along the side of the forehead (the temples) and jaw line give a softer look to the face.

Diamond Shaped face is wider on the cheek area and narrow on the forehead and chin. Contour alone the cheeks to make them look narrow. You can also highlight the center of the forehead and chin to balance the proportion.

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