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Japonesque Luminous Foundation Review Video

Japonesque Luminous Foundation Review

This video is a review of Japonesque Luminous foundation. I really don’t hear much buzz about this foundation so I wanted to review it for you, in case you are curious about it. I’ve been searching for swatches for this foundation on YouTube and found it limited. So! I decided to make my own review! […]

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July Ruby Birthstone Makeup Tutorial Video

My friend Kris, Kris Marie Artistry, and I have been doing monthly birthstone-inspired makeup tutorials. These tutorials are a lot of fun! This month we give you a July Ruby Birthstone makeup tutorial. This July birthstone, Ruby, is such a beautiful color. The red is stunning!! Here’s a breakdown of what I did to create […]

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Smashbox Shapematters Palette Review

I’m reviewing the Smashbox Shapematters palette, which is an all in one kit. All in one meaning brow, face and eye. At first glance, the palette sticks to the sleek branding of Smashbox. The matte box with the shiny embossed text makes this palette look sexy. The bottom of the palette has the description of […]

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