Here’s something fun to talk about! It’s backdrop for YouTube videos! There are so many options for using different backdrop for YouTube videos! I’m sharing the places and kinds of backdrops for videos that make your videos stand out!

When I was starting out, my background was my bedroom for a long time. I was constantly filming and realized that I had to move my location. I went over to our kitchen and dining room area and set up the wall with wall decor and shelves.

Backdrops for YouTube Videos and Where to Get Them!


Watching other creator’s videos, I noticed that they had flat backgrounds, which I liked. Shooting at Ipsy studios, I was able to see first-hand what they use in their studio. They used seamless backgrounds, it’s a paper background made especially for photography and videos. Their other option was colorful fabrics, like sequins and patterns. That’s when I started to play around with backdrop options for my videos.

Here are five resources for Backdrop For YouTube Videos, if you want to change up your set.

In this video, I go in depth with the fabrics to use and where to get them.

I also talk about what you need to get to keep your backdrops hanging behind you. If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll give you the 5 resources below.

Here are the 5 resources for your backdrop for YouTube videos.

  1. Find backdrops at your local wholesale fabric district.
  2. You can find backdrops at your local fabric store. We’ve got Jo-Ann Fabric in our city.
  3. You can also get backdrops online at
  4. has creative backdrops to make your YouTube videos stand out from others.
  5. The last one is using a green backdrop, called green screen. Keying out the green screen in your video editing software.

I hope you found the video helpful. Let me know what’s your favorite background to use in your videos!

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